Harwood Gold is a women-owned maple syrup farm and specialty food store & cafe located in Charlevoix, Michigan. Our family has made maple syrup since the 1800’s, and we now make many products using pure maple syrup as the only sweetener. Our store is half store (with all of our maple products), and half cafe (with a full espresso menu, grab-and-go lunch options, and baked goods). All Harwood Gold products are made in our production kitchen located on the farm.

How to Apply

Please send us an email which specifies the job you are interested in, your contact information, and recent work experience/resume. Serious applicants only.


All wages are competitive and depend on experience.

Current Job Openings at Harwood Gold

Updated: May 20, 2020

Assistant Store Manager

Harwood Gold Store & Cafe
230 Bridge Street, Charlevoix

This is a Full Time position. Resume required.

We are looking for a highly organized Assistant Store Manager to ensure all aspects of the Harwood Gold Store & Cafe are running smoothly. The ideal candidate is dedicated and dependable, has excellent leadership and communication skills, and fosters a positive work environment. This detail-oriented candidate loves helping customers, motivating staff, and takes a proactive role in meeting financial objectives.

Main Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for employee training, management, and shift scheduling. Monitor employees, and allocate responsibilities appropriately.
  • Lead the customer service team, including: providing information, recommendations, and suggestions for use of the products; resolving customer complaints and concerns; generally ensuring customers enjoy their experience in the store.
  • Manage sales floor, including: setting up product displays; stocking and arranging shelves; keeping all work spaces clean and organized.
  • Implement innovative strategies to increase sales and meet financial objectives.
  • Act as a liaison between employees and owner, effectively communicating with both.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Experience in customer service and proven management skills are required.
  • Fair and direct communication skills are a must, to communicate effectively with both employees and customers.
  • Attention to detail is a must.
  • Financial knowledge is desired.

Job Context and Other Relevant Information

  • This candidate must be punctual and willing to work weekends and evenings.
  • The Harwood Gold cafe has both busy periods and slow periods each day, with extremely busy periods during summer and local festivals. This candidate must be able to work well under pressure, while treating customers and employees with respect.

Production Kitchen Assistant

Harwood Gold Production Kitchen
61 Parsons Road, Charlevoix

This is a Part to Full Time position.

We are looking for a highly motivated, positive, and organized Production Kitchen Assistant. This candidate will assist in product creation duties as part of a kitchen team, which includes food prep, preparing food according to recipes, and packaging and labeling of prepared products. In addition, they will help with general cleaning duties as required.

Main Responsibilities

  • Working as part of the kitchen team, prepare all products from the Harwood Gold product line according to recipes; package and label prepared products.
  • Working as part of the kitchen team, assist in food prep for products sold at the Harwood Gold café, including meat and fruit pies, and baked goods.
  • Operate food processing equipment, including mixer, steam kettle, bottling machine, etc.
  • Receive food deliveries, confirm delivery is accurate, record order, unpack as necessary, and ensure food is properly stored.
  • As required, wash all pots, cooking and serving equipment, clean all kitchen surfaces and floors, as per the requirements of the Food Hygiene Management System.
  • Monitor and take responsibility for the quality of products made and ensure all preparation processes follow standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Planning and Organizational Skills

  • Daily duties will be determined by the kitchen manager, but candidate must be able to prioritize and plan based on business needs and time needed for preparation. Most recipes must be completed once started, so planning and organization skills are important to prevent extended hours.
  • Must be able to work effectively and efficiently, for example, laying out food items to be assembled or prepared in a logical manner. In addition, remove all waste after each item is prepared and fully clean down surfaces and materials, as per the legal requirements laid down in Food Hygiene Management System.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Some experience in food preparation is required. An ability to learn through experience and training is expected, given that this job involves the operation and cleaning of some very technical and expensive cooking equipment.
  • Current holder of a food hygiene qualification desirable, although full training will be made available, with an expectation to achieve the basic level qualification within 6 months of hire.

Job Context and Other Relevant Information

  • A production kitchen environment can be physically demanding, at times requiring heavy lifting, sometimes long periods of repetitive tasks, and standing for most of the day. A certain degree of bending, stretching, twisting and constant movement is required, and an ability to work at a quick pace when necessary.
  • Flexibility in the production schedule is required to accommodate changes based on product demand and business requirements. You must be prepared to extend working hours when required, as most recipes must be completed once begun.
  • Must be prepared to work on any task listed under Main Responsibilities, as determined by the kitchen manager.


Harwood Gold Store & Cafe
230 Bridge Street, Charlevoix

This is a Part Time position.

We are in need of an energetic Barista who is a coffee enthusiast, has a positive attitude, and is driven to provide excellent customer service. The Barista will prepare and serve a variety of coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, and baked goods. This person will become an expert on all Harwood Gold drink menu items, and will be able to assist and educate customers. This person will help in stocking coffee & tea supplies, maintaining a safe and sanitary work area, and will be responsible for operating equipment safely and correctly.